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The AlphaGraphics West Valley design and marketing team's focus on local, small business means they understand how to make the experience of building or updating a business website a simple one. Let us handle everything -- concept, design, content and deployment -- and you'll have a website that is working for your business in no time, integrated with social media and other essential Internet portals. Call us today!

Video Marketing
We help local businesses make an impact with online video broadcasting

ag34's Video Marketing team is heavily involved in the local videography community and can help your business take advantage of all the benefits that consistent video marketing can deliver.

Video marketing is a new marketing space for most businesses, but it's one that really should not be overlooked. Its impact on a company's Google search ranking alone is reason enough to at least establish a video presence with the key words potential customers are using to find businesses like yours. We can do that for you. It's not difficult, especially with our team behind you, to create a YouTube channel with a few key videos to help your ranking. Beyond that, consistent video broadcasting in the form of blog posts and other informational videos can serve to engage your customers like no other media can.

We're here to help make it a natural part of your business. There is no need to spend a lot of money on flashy productions when today's business video is all about authenticity -- being yourself, talking face-to-face with your customers, letting your passion for your business shine.

Why not schedule an appointment with an expert from our team? You have everything to win.

Business Video Marketing Packages

  • We'll get you set up with an online video presence
  • Youtube Channel Design
  • Google+ Integration
  • Create "bumpers" (beginning and ending video frames) motion graphics with sound
  • 30-second Promotional Video
  • SEO keywords, website integration
  • Local distribution


Service/Product Videos
  • 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Exploratory Consultation
  • Feature specific services or products
  • Great for web pages
  • Provides extra SEO impact
  • Integrated with Google+ and Social Media

$295.00 (6 for $1495)

Testimonial Videos
  • "You shoot-em we boot-em"
  • We edit and bumper your quick "iPhone" testimonials
  • Distributed on your Youtube channel and across social media
  • Fast 5-day production time
  • Contract pricing available
  • Great for SEO and website engagement
  • Local distribution

$95.00/ea (12 for $995)

  • Email blasts
  • Man on the Street Campaigns
  • Testimonial Shoots
  • White Boards
  • Safety Training
  • Orientations
  • Spotlights


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