Workplace Safety Matters by Bryan Baker

Google "Workplace Safety" and you'll see something like the above when you view images. Obviously SAFETY is a major concern for every business. And, judging from the number and diversity of images around the web, company's communicate Safety by many means and methods.

Safety departments rely on printed forms to track all kinds of worker activity to the finest detail. But AlphaGraphics' investment in your company's workplace safety communications doesn't end with forms, of course. We duplicate manuals, create decals, and design banners. We've created custom items like wallet cards to remind workers of Safety Steps and other best practices. Large, oversize posters with thermometers to mark significant milestones are common. Wall murals, floor graphics, switch decals, helmet and bumper stickers... just to name a few of the many different requests we receive every day.

If you've been tasked with managing your company's safety program or even a single safety project, you've probably wondered how to best manage all the details and how do you stay on top of all the materials required to keep your workers safely following  your systems?


How about organizing all your safety materials in an online storehouse where you can view everything, put items into categories, track inventory, be alerted when more are needed and order more whenever the need arises?

We have just such a system in place, serving all kinds of businesses, from international companies with hundreds of locations and managers to much smaller operations.

The system also manages other print material such as sales brochures, manuals, as well as variable data products like business cards (set up and proof everything online).

Oh, and the setup is free.

Why not let us help you organize these essential items and streamline your ordering process? And while w're at it, we can update those old forms for you as well.

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