It Takes Just One Person At the Right Time by Bryan Baker

A facebook friend posted this recently and I just had to share it with our sales and marketing team. I wrote a few reviews of his music in my magazine  many years ago and now he’s an author and runs a film studio in Los Angeles.

It’s that last thought that struck me: it just takes one person at the right time.

But how do you find that person (at the right time)? Therein lies the whole impetus behind every marketing endeavor -- and the methods are endless:

  • Vehicle wraps to attract people’s attention at the right time
  • Direct mail postcards to arrive in the mail at the right time
  • Email updates with deals or news of services
  • Leave-behind sales flyers, business cards, pens, etc.
  • Social media conversations
  • Banners, oversize graphics
  • A blog post (like this one)
  • and much more, of course

Basically, bringing that person together with my client at just the right time is what I do. Doing it successfully and the look on all of our faces (that person, my client, and I) is priceless.

--2013-04-04 12:11:56