Google+ For Business by Bryan Baker

The folks at Constant Contact have just published their findings based on a new survey of small businesses (SMBs) and it comes as no surprise to us that nearly half of SMBs polled have NEVER updated their online listings.

We face this while working with our customers every day, helping companies take control of their online presence. We know most small businesses are overwhelmed and simply don’t know where to start claiming, updating and maintaining a seemingly endless number of directory sites, local places and map apps; not to mention engaging current and potential clients on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc., etc.

You’ve got businesses to run! That’s why another finding from the survey reveals that 70% of you say you don’t have the time to manage this. Tell us about it!

Oh, that’s right — you have.


The first thing you can do is get on Google+ today. Google is integrating maps and mobile places in ways that has Google+ acting as your company’s search and communications hub; it factors into search results and integrates features to better engage your clients through feedback and tools such as Drive, Offers, Hangouts and much more. Yes, it’s one more thing you could put aside, but we suggest putting your time where your money likely is instead.

Popular blogger Chris Brogan shares some business perspective on  Google+ HERE

After all, where is the first place your potential customers look when searching for what you offer? Will potential customers find you there? If they do, will your information be accurate? Will it be complete? Are you currently in a position to engage with them there? How effectively are you communicating with your customers?

Google+ is an essential start and it takes just a few minutes to GET STARTED. Follow the link below where we walk you through it step by step. It takes just a few minutes. Or, if you wish, call us and an ag34 rep will come to your office and personally set you up, or visit to request a visit.


After you’re set up, you can join us online from your desk or mobile for our afternoon Hangouts — drop in for a few minutes and before long you’ll get up to speed on all the other essential things you can do to take control and finally make sense of all this. It is possible. And we can help.

Go to and update your calendar with our schedule of ag34 forums on Google+ Hangouts.

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